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Ways to lower Verizon bill

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Even though the Smartphones are getting smarter every day, the price to be paid for the ownership and the use are not getting any better. ‘How to cut the expenses!’ might be a troubling statement for many; who would want to pay more for anything they can have for less money invested? This article, today, would be focused on how customers can lower Verizon bill. Consumers that are trapped in their cell phone contracts because of high early cancellation fees (to get out of Verizon contract) can benefit from learning a few tricks for negotiating a lower the bill or at least getting rid of certain fees.

Finding the right plan can cut extra expenses. By carefully reviewing how often and in what ways one uses their phone, an ideal contract type can be selected. Usually, one should select a plan before signing a contract though. Therefore, the prospective user should make right estimations. Higher call time would have low per minute costs and vice versa. If you already are using a phone, take a close look at your plan, examine the calling, messaging, and data options you’ve chosen. Check the phone bills for a couple of months to see how the minutes and megabytes you use to compare your usage limits. Then, you can modify the plan accordingly for Lower verizon bill.

Sometimes, contracts may come with extra services that you don’t know of but you are being charged for such as GPS service, enhanced voicemail, detailed billing, etc. Opting out of these billing add-ons can reduce your costs.  

The data plan is mostly useful when used in a Smartphone. So, when you are using a non-Smartphone device, you might want to omit the data plan from the contract since you’ll not be using it. Or, even in Smartphone, you can use it as ‘wifi-only’ device.

Moreover, it is unknown to most people but there are a lot of discounts that can be applied to your monthly cell phone bill. These discounts range Employer discounts to veteran discounts and many others. The best way to find out what kind of discounts you are qualified for is to simply contact your local Verizon representative.


Furthermore, some of the oldest tricks in the cell phone bill negotiation book can come in handy: acting sweet, playing dumb, being persistent, taking notes (always get names of people you talk and write down what they tell you) and most important, saying you are going to switch to another carrier or get out of Verizon contract. This can, most probably, revitalize your contract structure. They would prefer lowering the charges than losing a customer. Similarly you can also know about the services that Verizon prodives, lower Verizon bill with page plus service, how Verizon customers activate their Verizon iphone with page plus service to lower there Verizon bills are the things that you might know when you contact the representatives of Verizon.

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